BasiGo serving Nairobi with electric buses

BasiGo serving Nairobi with electric buses

July 15, 2022 Off By TLK

Kenyan electric bus manufacturer BasiGo is set to rump up its supply of the climate friendly vehicles after successful tests. There is also increasing demand for the buses in Nairobi.

BasiGo targets to sell 20 new electric buses by end of 2022. The company tested its commuter buses on two city routes under City Hoppa bus company and East Shuttle. City Hoppa served CBD  to JKIA route while East Shuttle plies eastlands route.

According to Samuel Waweru who heads business development at BasiGo, the buses covered over 50, 000 kilometres since March.

The company targets to make at least KES 100 million with each bus selling at KES 5 million. The seating capacity of each bus is 25 passengers.

Launch of electric buses in Nairobi

BasiGo launched the electric buses in Nairobi in mid-March 2022. The design of the vehicles is by BYD Automotive, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric buses.

It takes at most four hours to fully recharge the bus battery. A full recharge does 250 kilometres. However, recharging can only happen at the BasiGo depot since there are no electric charging stations around the city.

The company will also lease batteries at a cost of KES 20 per kilometre.

Delivery of the first locally-assembled K6 electric buses is scheduled to start in the second half of 2022. Kenya Power is also mapping plans for electric vehicle charging spots, apart from its ambitious home internet programme.