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indriver taxi app reviews
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inDriver taxi app reviews

Honest inDriver taxi app reviews. inDriver is an app with Russian origins. It is among the most downloaded taxi hailing apps around the globe.

inDriver has the most fascinating founding stories that is way different from the likes of Bolt, Uber and Lyft. It was more of a people driven initiative during a cold season in Siberia. Drivers increased charges during this season.

College students not ready to pay hefty fares created a group on one of Russia’s social networks, which they nicknamed ‘Independent Drivers.’ From the social network, people could share trips and get lower fares. Read the detailed story here.

The difference between inDriver and its competitors such as Bolt is that the commuter chooses the amount of fare they are ready to pay. inDriver drivers see the request and decide to negotiate the amount, ignore the request or agree to the fare.

If there are more than one driver accepting a trip, the commuter chooses the driver they like.

inDriver taxi app reviews show it is preferable by long distance travellers. inDriver made entry into Africa through Tanzania in 2018, before setting shop in South Africa. Nairobi was its third city on the continent, and it continues to expand.

Have you used inDriver as a driver or passenger? Leave your honest review below about your experience.

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