Fake 30TB hard drive on the market

Fake 30TB hard drive on the market

September 5, 2022 Off By TLK

There is a fake 30TB hard drive on the market, and it is even stocked in one of the leading supermarkets in the world – Walmart.

According to Vice, a cybersecurity researcher ordered the stocked hard drive on AliExpress to examine and review it.

After taking it apart, this is what he found out. The fake hard drive instead had two small SD cards. It was programmed to read like it had 30TB storage when plugged into a computer.

Incredible, right?

You may just buy a fake hard drive in …

…and never know it until it is too late.  The first attraction is the price that the 30TB hard drive is selling for. Walmart had listed the hard drive under the ‘deals’ section at only $17.99.

The cost for genuine drives with same storage is between $50 – $100. For someone who knows their tech gadgets well, the deal price is what made the researcher raise eye brows.

“I knew going in it would be a scam but I thought we might use it as an educational opportunity,” Vice quotes the cybersecurity researcher who goes by the name Ray. Motherboard picked up the story from his tweet on the scam.

Motherboard then contacted Walmart about the fake hard drive and the supermarket proceeded to remove it from its digital shelves.

“Thanks for reaching out and bringing this to our attention,” Robyn Babbitt, director of corporate communications at Walmart, told Motherboard in an email. “Walmart has a robust trust and safety program, which actively works to protect our customers and help ensure items are authentic. After reviewing this item, it has been removed from our site.”

Why pay closer attention when buying hard drives

Most shoppers know that items on online shopping platforms like AliExpress and Amazon are from different merchants. While these platforms try their best to verify these merchants and their products, scams are still rampant.

However, shoppers believe that supermarkets such as Walmart stock on their digital shelves only items they have verified and can be found on the physical shelves.

This is not true, evidenced by this hard drive scam. The supermarket is evidently listing items by third party merchants thus opening up their loyal shoppers to possible scams.

Next time you order a tech item from your favourite supermarket, you may want to verify that it is a genuine products – and is actually what you ordered for.

Otherwise you will find yourself with a useless gadget and lose money.

“Walmart should get smarter than to sell products like this. I thought I was buying a 8 terabyte SSD drive, for $28, and this piece of garbage does not work, in any way, shape or form. This product is a scam, and Walmart should be ashamed of itself to sell them,” said another shopper, in reference to a different gadget.

Photo / Vice.Com