Frustrated MCA storms IEBC offices in bid to snatch nomination

Frustrated MCA storms IEBC offices in bid to snatch nomination

July 24, 2022 Off By TLK

Umoja 2 outgoing MCA Joseph Ndonji is a very frustrated man who wanted to force Embakasi West IEBC Returning Officer to clear him for the forthcoming election.

The embattled and unpopular MCA stormed the office of the elections body accompanied by police officers on the morning of Saturday July 23, after his initial attempts earlier in the week failed also.

He even threatened to beat up journalists for taking pictures. The Returning Officer acknowledged that Ndonji did not have nomination certificate from ODM and she was relying on a court order which is being contested at the Appeal Court.

Ndonji finished 6th in the nomination exercise for the ODM ticket and has been using underhand tactics to overturn the results and snatch the clearance from Shadrack Machanje.

This is not the first time that the MCA has used the courts and the PPDT to arm twist the party into handing him the ticket.  In 2017, he used similar formula to ‘steal’ the ticket from the winner Kingsley Odida, even after finishing 8th in the nominations then.

ODM maintains that Shadrack Machanje is the bonafide nominee for the Umoja 2 MCA seat and has lodged an appeal against a surprising High Court direction to hand Ndonji the ticket.

Underhand tactics by failed Umoja 2 MCA

TLK Digital has established that Joseph Ndonji probably doesn’t believe in democratic processes in getting party nomination certificates, as long as you have the money to buy it.

After the nomination exercise by ODM, the MCA made sure the party’s elections disputes tribunal nullified the outcome in order to open up a legal battlefront. He did not campaign for the nomination and was heard boasting that his ticket was assured from above and those campaigning were wasting time.

He immediately launched a petition at the Political Parties Disputes Tribunal about five times, where he eventually obtained orders to jail ODM Elections Board chair Catherine Mumma and Chairman John Mbadi.

It is the same script he used in 2017 where he obtained orders to jail then ODM Secretary General Agnes Zani and Director of Elections Oduor Ong’wen. Court records show that one of the judges, Milly Lwanga, sat on both tribunals in 2017 and 2022 and gave exactly the same ruling.

When the matter recently came up at the High Court under Judge Joseph Sergon, the judge initially held the IEBC Elections Tribunal ruling for the ODM party to nominate a different person apart from the two petitioners.

ODM contested that neither IEBC or any other person had the mandate to choose a candidate for a party, and that Machanje was its direct nominee.

However, Ndonji instructed his lawyers to launch a counterpetition for review of the High Court order. Judge Sergon made an absurd order to give Ndonji the ticket. This ruling was against his earlier direction upholding the IEBC decision.

Interestingly, Judge Sergon who failed a Court of Appeal interview in a bizarre twist suddenly postponed the announcement of this ruling from Friday to Monday, raising eyebrows.

The case is currently at the Court of Appeal. ODM fears that if this trend continues, people with money to armtwist the justice system will use the same tactics to get nomination certificates even without campaigning at the expense of other contestants.