Governor salary in Kenya

Governor salary in Kenya

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What is the Governor salary in Kenya? The county government is under the governor. There are 47 counties in the country and each governor is paid the same amount.

Below the governor is the deputy governor, and the executive committee members who sit in the county cabinet. The county government is checked by the county assemblies at local level and the Senate at national level.

Like other members of the public service such as president and members of national assembly, governor salary in Kenya is set by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC). Below is a breakdown of the county government executive salary and additional allowances.

Governor salary Kenya

Governor salary in Kenya is KES 924,000 minus other benefits. See the table below for the salaries of other executive members of the county government.

State officerBasic salary (KES)House allowancesCommuter allowanceSalary market adjustmentsGross salary (KES)
Governor554,400200,000Official car169,600924,000
Deputy governor372,750100,000Official car148,500621,250
Executive committee member242,55080,000Official car81,700404,250

Governor and deputy governor get a 3,000cc official cars. This is minus the several other cars that accompany the official cars during work, such as security chase cars. Governors in Kenya have this idea of living like presidents, so they copy almost everything.

Executive committee members get an official car that does not exceed 2,000cc.

Other benefits apart from the Governor salary in Kenya are medical benefits, life insurance, personal accident cover, car loans, mortgage, daily subsistence allowances for foreign travels, official residence, airtime allowance, security, annual leave allowance (only for executive committee members), gratuity and pension.

This table shows the medical allowances for county governor and their deputies, as well as that of ECMs.

GovernorDeputy GovernorMember of County Executive Committee
Inpatient: KES 10 million
Outpatient: KES 300,000
Maternity: KES 150,000 Dental: KES 75,000
Optical: KES 75,000
Inpatient: KES 10 million Outpatient: KES 300,000
Maternity: KES 150,000
Dental: KES 75,000
Optical: KES 75,000
Inpatient: KES 3 million
Outpatient: KES 200,000
Maternity: KES 100,000
Dental: KES 50,000
Optical: KES 50,000
Car loan: Up to KES 10 millionCar loan: Up to KES 5 millionCar loan: Up to KES 4 million
Mortgage: Up to KES 40 millionMortgage: Up to KES 25 millionMortgage: Up to KES 20 million
Airtime: Up to KES 20,000 per monthAirtime: Up to KES 15,000 per monthAirtime: Up to KES 10,000 per month
 – –Annual leave: KES 10,000

Daily Subsistence Allowance for local and foreign travels is paid to State officers in the Executive of the County Governments as per the rates reviewed and set by SRC from time to time.