I am sorry for the arrogance but not really remorseful – CS Magoha apologizes

I am sorry for the arrogance but not really remorseful – CS Magoha apologizes

August 18, 2022 Off By TLK

Brash Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has apologized to Kenyans for his ‘arrogance’ saying he is not perfect.

The CS spoke on Wednesday 17 August at a press conference when commissioning phase two of the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) classrooms in Embakasi.

“There is no one who is perfect and I believe that for me to serve here it was by the grace of God. We are eagles and we fly high and we are not afraid. And we deliver. We deliver to the extent that even if you don’t like us as eagles, you can go and count what we have delivered,

“If during that process, we have looked like we are arrogant, then we seek your forgiveness but not that we are about to change. Eagles always keep on flying. Even when the eagle is going, he just disappears into the sky,” Magoha said.

The bad and the ugly from CS Magoha

Prof Magoha on several occasions found himself making statements deemed to be in bad taste during his tenure.

His most recent confrontation was with NTV journalist Rukia Bulle. He associated the journalist with Al Shabaab because of her dressing code, after the journalist asked him a question.

The statement drew criticism that culminated into the CS meeting Muslim leaders to apologise.

A week later, a video appeared of him castigating a young man in a demeaning manner. The incident is said to have happened on August 2 when inspecting and commissioning new CBC phase two classrooms at Bar Union Secondary School in Kisumu County.

In the video, the official was giving the CS a jerrican to water a tree planted in his honour. Instead the CS went on the offensive shouting at the man to “Get away from me, you smell of alcohol.”

CS Magoha had in November 2020 drawn criticism from education officials in Eldoret after he mistreated one of them. Prof Magoha reprimanded the grey-haired senior citizen and dismissed him in front of the latter’s juniors.

The CS was offended with the sanitation situation at Langas Primary School and demanded answers from his officers.

When the official stated that he would get a report about the issue and what was being done to rectify it, Prof Magoha dismissed him brashly saying he wasn’t looking for a report.

Despite his apology, Prof Magoha is not remorseful about the way he carries out his duties. He said he said he is a courageous man whose rise to the ministerial position was by God’s grace. That he is not perfect but was grateful to Kenyans for walking with him and taking the good, the bad and the ugly sides of him.

He is on record saying he is not looking forward to get back at the helm of the education ministry following the just concluded elections.