Johnson Sakaja promises to the children of Nairobi

Johnson Sakaja promises to the children of Nairobi

August 27, 2022 Off By TLK

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has made a number of promises to the residents of Nairobi on what he wants to achieve in the next five years. And for the first time, we have a governor who has put the children of Nairobi as top priority.

Promises by Nairobi Governor

1. Free lunch to all primary schools

Sakaja has promised free lunch to primary school going children.  According to the County Government of Nairobi records, there are 225 public primary schools in the city. Most of these schools have at least 1,000 learners.

There are also a few hundreds of private schools, some of them in posh areas and others in slums. It is not clear whether the governor’s program will include underserved private schools, some of which survive on well-wisher funding.

Expectations are that the free lunch will be a balanced diet and not the usual githeri.

Implementing such a program for such a high number of children is going to be challenging but is possible. That is if some people don’t steal the foodstuffs and money.

2. 17 centres for children with special needs

This is perhaps one of the most important plans for the Nairobi governor-elect. The city, and the country has a dearth of special needs schools and centres.

The only already existing public special school is Jacaranda Special School in Kilimani. Other schools are either NGO funded or private, and include Kenya Community Centre for Learning near Thika Road Mall, Nile Road Special School along Nile Rd off Jogoo Rd, Heshima School, and Treeside Special School in Kasarani.

17 centres mean every constituency will have a special school to cater for its needs. Many special needs education teachers end up in public primary schools teaching other subjects instead. Parents with special children also end up hiding them at home or employing private tutors because of the lack of schools, or expensive private alternatives.

3. Establish playgrounds and children’s spaces

If you grew up in Nairobi in the ‘80s and 90s, you must have experienced the best childhood because there were playgrounds in well planned residential areas. Things changed towards the end of the century. Well planned estates became chaotic with increase of population.

Playgrounds became car parks.

Connected people and religious organisations grabbed designated sports grounds and lands meant for social halls. They built high-rise private dwellings and churches. Some of these lands have been reclaimed, but many more haven’t.

Children now either play along roads, in car parks on weekends, or don’t play at all. School playgrounds are mostly no-go zones. This is the most violated children’s right that hasn’t received the attention it deserves – until now.

4. A sports complex in every sub-county

Many children and young people are not able to get the best facilities for exercise, and they cant pursue their sporting dreams.

This many talents have died immaturely. A sports complex means not only football fields, but running tracks, boxing centres, tennis courts, and basketball courts among others.

We all know that such facilities only exist in secondary school premises, whose use is restricted to students of the school. Great plan and hope Sakaja can achieve this in his first year.

?? The most important promise Sakaja has missed …

Johnson Sakaja has promised the people of Nairobi clean toilets, water points, street furniture, and a generally clean city. But he has missed a vital point in this promise – clean toilets for the children of Nairobi.

Walk into any public school today, and visit the washrooms. Most of the schools were constructed either before or immediately after independence. Their plumbing work no longer works.

The two places with the dirtiest toilets are public primary schools and public hospitals. WC tanks do not work. They smell. No one would want to go there…but we force our children to use them, because they have no alternative.

Johnson Sakaja, visit every public school and fix their toilets. You can do this with the help of MCAs and MPs.