Kyocera FS 3920 duplex printing blank page error

Kyocera FS 3920 duplex printing blank page error

September 14, 2022 Off By TLK

Duplex printing is magical and saves a lot of time and paper. That is why the Kyocera duplex printers are some of the best on the market. However, you may sometimes experience the Kyocera FS 3920 duplex printing blank page error.

Solving the Kyocera printing blank page error

So, what is duplex printing? This is where you print on both sides of the paper by sending a document to the printer once. Instead of printing on one side, then turning the paper and printing on the other side.

Sometimes you may experience challenges with duplex printers. A common duplex printer problem is where the duplex function prints only on one side of the page.


When you connect the Kyocera printer to your computer using a USB cable or network, a Microsoft Windows driver automatically installs, and you can start printing right away.

For instance, when you use the Kyocera FS 3920 printer, the driver installed is Kyocera FS-3920DN. You will be happy, until you send a document to print using the duplex function. The first page comes out alright, but the verso will come out blank, or sometimes print its own things.

To solve the duplex printing blank page error, download the Kyocera FS-3920DN KX driver and install it on your computer. Make sure to select it as the default printer. Now send your document to print in duplex and choose the KX printer. Problem solved! Happy? This will always apply to all other types of Kyocera printers.