Kyocera FS 3920 printing error

Kyocera FS 3920 printing error

September 21, 2022 Off By TLK

There is a myriad of printing errors you may experience with personal or commercial printers. These may drive you crazy if you have no idea how to resolve them. The Kyocera FS 3920 printing error is a common one with Kyocera printers.

Kyocera FS printing error solved

Kyocera is one of the most reliable printers yet it only requires some understanding of how to use it to avoid some of the errors you experience. See an example of a problem below from a reader:


I have just bought a Kyocera FS 3920 refurbished printer. I did a lot of research based on my budget and the tasks I want the printer to accomplish. We ran tests with the seller, and I was happy to pick the machine home. However, on reaching home, the Kyocera printer is printing its own things nonstop. I have tried cancelling the printing but it won’t stop. This is what it is printing:

Error name: /undefined

Offending command: YZJZ (This changes depending on page and it is incomprehensible)

Operand Stack:

I have no idea what to do as I have already done everything and can’t find an answer online.


There are several possibilities and solutions for Kyocera FS 3920 printing error, where it just prints its own things. Do not panic.

  1. Check the USB cable to make sure it is in the correct port. The communication between the computer and the printer should not be compromised, otherwise it will affect the outcome. The printer can start printing symbols or incomprehensible errors if the USB cable is loose or in the wrong port. Use the 2.0 port for a start as you test all the ports.
  2. It sounds awkward but this solution has worked for most people. Once you make sure the USB cables are not loose, switch off your printer. Remove the power cable from the sockets. Return them and switch on the machines again. Simple but magical.