MCA salary in Kenya

MCA salary in Kenya

August 30, 2022 Off By TLK

MCA salary in Kenya is KES 144,375 minus the allowances and perks. The other members of county assembly are the speaker and deputy speaker. They each have a salary and perks determined by the Salaries and Renumeration Commission.

Members of the County Assembly pass local bylaws for the county and countercheck the governor. They are elected at the ward level. Several wards make up a constituency which is represented by a Member of National Assembly.

Salary of MCA in Kenya

See the table below for the MCA salary in Kenya, including other perks. It also shows the county assembly speaker and deputy speaker salary in the county assembly.

State OfficerBasic salary (KES)House allowanceCommuter allowanceSalary market adjustmentGross salary
Deputy Speaker129,93860,000Official26,625216,563

Just like Members of National Assembly, MCAs used to receive plenary sitting allowances. These were abolished in 2022 after review by the Salary and Remuneration Commission.

However, members of committees get allowances whenever they sit for a session. They are paid as below:

  1. Chairperson: KES 6,500 per sitting up to a maximum of KES 104,000 per month.
  2. Vice-Chairperson: KES 5,200 per sitting up to a maximum of KES 83,200 per month.
  3. Member: KES 3,900 per sitting up to a maximum of KES 62,400 per month.

MCA salary in Kenya also increases when the representative has a leadership position in the party and other added responsibilities. For instance, one may be a Majority Leader, Minority Leader or Whip. See the table below for the added monetary advantages.

PositionMonthly limits
Leader of Majority Leader of MinorityKES 32,000
Chief whip Deputy leader of majority Deputy leader of minorityKES 29,000
Chairperson of committee Deputy chief whip Other whipsKES 26,000
Vice chairperson of committeeKES 23,000
Members of Speaker’s panelKES 20,000

Other MCA benefits

MCAs, County Assembly Speaker and Deputy Speaker all have medical insurance during their terms. The insurance covers one spouse and up to four children who are under 25 years and fully dependent on them.

The insurance covers Inpatient: KES 3 million, Outpatient: KES 200,000, Maternity: KES 100,000, Dental: KES 50,000, Optical: KES 50,000

The members of county assembly also benefit from Group Life Insurance whose value is equivalent to three times of the annual pensionable emoluments. In addition, they get a Group Personal Accident cover for a value equivalent to three times of the annual pensionable emoluments.

Other perks are in the table below:

County Assembly SpeakerDeputy SpeakerMember of County Assembly
Car loanUp to KES 4 millionUp to KES 2 millionUp to KES 2 million
MortgageUp to 20 millionUp to KES 3 millionUp to KES 3 million
AirtimeUp to KES 10,000Up to KES 5,000Up to KES 5,000
Daily subsistence allowance for local and foreign travelAs agreedAs agreedAs agreed
Car maintenance allowanceKES 30,167KES 30,167KES 30,167
Mileage claimKES 77 per kmKES 77 per kmKES 77 per km

Also the Deputy Speaker and Member of County Assembly are provided a Motor Vehicle Reimbursement of KES 2,212,000 for purchase of a car of engine capacity not exceeding 1800cc. The Speaker gets an official car with engine capacity not exceeding 2,000cc.

MCAs also receive gratuity and pension upon retirement. These are just some of the MCA salary in Kenya perks but they are not conclusive. In general, your MCA may be earning almost KES 400,000, everything considered.