MNA Jalas to host breakfast show …?

MNA Jalas to host breakfast show …?

August 20, 2022 Off By TLK

First time Member of National Assembly Felix Odiwuor alias Jalas is actually considering hosting a radio show. That’s if his conditions are met.

According to a report by, Jalang’o says that ‘he is open to hosting radio shows on the condition that the role does not impede him from executing his political obligations.’

Jalas to host breakfast radio show? How practical will that be though?

There are a few ways he thinks this possible. That since radio is his love, he wouldn’t mind getting a radio show that ends at around 9am. From the studios, he would rush to parliament and reconcile his funny-man status with lawmaker.

“Why not?  I know many MPs who still do their jobs and deliver for their constituency,” he poses.

Of course, most Members of National Assembly whom we commonly refer to as MPs run various businesses and consultancies. The most notorious are lawyers who run between courts, serving their constituents, and moulding laws. Howver, Jalas would be the first artist to do this.

Jalang’o’s rise to fame started with him as a support actor on the Papa Shirandula programme. He then got into radio and has worked for Kiss 100, Milele FM and even runs a successful events management company and a YouTube tv show.

As per the report, the YouTube tv show will now be run by other people and will also highlight developments in Langa’ta constituency.

That’s a lot on your plate, but if Jalas to host breakfast show is a dream believe in, why not? At least it may afford you the opportunity to connect with the Lang’ata residents.

Feature Photo/ Jalas and Kamene Goro during the good times at Kiss 100 studios.