NTSA unveils new digital car number plate design

NTSA unveils new digital car number plate design

August 30, 2022 Off By TLK

NTSA has unveiled new digital car number plate design in Kenya.

Kenyans have the next 18 months to replace their old number plates with the new ones at a cost of KES 3,000 each.

According to the Traffic Act, you will be breaking a rule if you do not get these new plates. You therefore risk a fine of up to KES 20,000 or a jail term of six months.

If you are buying a car that will have a KDK plate onwards, then you will automatically be among the first to get this new design. Other motorists can start the applications from October 1. This applies to all vehicles including trailers, motorcycles, tuktuks, and heavy machinery.

About the digital car number plates

There are a few things you need to understand about the new vehicle number plates that were rolled out in Nairobi.

First, they are digital plates with a Kenyan flag. Each has a QR code, a hologram, and NTSA serial number.

new car number plate

The front plate has a different serial number from the back plate. See how to verify details of a vehicle.

While Kenya Prisons workshop at Kamiti has been responsible for production of vehicle plates, the new car number plates will be produced at the GSU HQ in Ruiru.

NTSA officers will be responsible for replacing the plates and manage the old ones. Read everything you need to know about the types of number plates in Kenya and how the digital number plates will work.