Online selling platforms in Kenya

Online selling platforms in Kenya

September 10, 2022 Off By TLK

Online selling platforms in Kenya are now popular due to the growing trust by consumers. Online shopping came in handy especially at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic from February 2020.

The best known online selling place is Jumia, dubbed the Amazon of Africa. While some have weathered the storm, a few others haven’t been able to survive the competition. Yet new platforms continue opening up every day, meaning there is something for everyone.

Active online selling platforms

Below are the places where you can sell your merchandise and services. Most of them just require you to list your merchandise, and you do not necessarily have to be a licensed shop owner.

1. Jumia

jumia online selling place

When you talk about online selling platforms in Kenya, Jumia is the most widely recognizable name. Anyone can list on Jumia, meaning you can sell from your house. Having a verifiable shop and sales is a great way of winning the confidence of customers.

Jumia has a referral programme where it allows other people to advertise your products. A successful buy earns the referrer a small fee. Referrers use social media and blogs to advertise.

2. Kilimall

kilimall online shopping in kenya

Kilimall is another online selling platform in Kenya that s well known. It used to have a referral programme but it appears to be terminated. Anyone can list their shop as long as it is licensed.

3. SkyGarden

skygarden online selling platforms in kenya

According to the company, SkyGarden offers small businesses and individuals in informal marketplaces a sophisticated eCommerce platform. This fills the gap that is left as most of Kenya’s leading online selling platforms only cater for the top tiers of the economic pyramid.

You can sell anything on SkyGarden, but also your verification and successful sales are key to boosting customer confidence. You own and control your inventory.

4. Copia

copia online shopping

Copia has an interesting online selling model. If you own a shop, you can register to be a Copia agent. A customer visits your shop, makes an order from the Copia catalogue or on the website, pays for the product, and Copia delivers it to your shop for the customer to collect.

Copia basically acts as a logistics super-agent between the seller and the buyer. Most sellers on the Copia platform are either supermarkets, wholesalers, or manufacturers. So if you own a small shop, you cannot list your goods there … the best bet is becoming their drop-off agent. Copia is available in all Kenyan major towns, meaning someone in Lodwar can comfortably buy goods in Nairobi without travelling.

5. PigiaMe Kenya

pigiame online selling

PigiaMe is one of the pioneering online selling platforms in Kenya that caters for all categories of goods and services. Anyone can enlist on the platform owned by Brighter Monday for free.

The platform also offers online classifieds services where you can advertise your business and services, as an individual or a company.

6. Muthurwa

buy house plans online selling is a popular online selling platform catering mainly to the architectural marketplace. It is a house plans and designs digital marketplace. 

“We provide a simple but efficient platform for architects to make a living online through selling their digital products,” the company says on its website.

The entire process of buying, paying, downloading of purchased items, selling and withdrawal of earnings is automated and localized.

7. Jiji Kenya

jiji online shopping kenya

Jiji Kenya online selling place is part of the Jiji group that operates across the continent. The company acquired OLX African market and rebranded.

Anyone can list and sale on the platform for free, from anywhere. However, it does not facilitate delivery or act as a logistics partner.

A seller lists their product or service and puts their contact, the buyer calls the seller, and from their Jiji doesn’t get involved. All products and services can be sold here.

While it is a popular digital market place, the platform also has a disrepute of con games in the league of Craigslist. So you have to be careful both as a buyer or seller.

8. Jambo Shoppe

jambo shoppe online selling platform

Jambo Shoppe, formerly Jambo Shop is another popular online selling platform in Kenya. It caters to make the selling and buying experience seamless, integrating choice of product, payment, and delivery. Customers enjoy high level of satisfaction.

Consumers can easily track their orders. Anyone is also allowed to sell, without necessarily having a physical shop. However, customers pay to Jambo Shop which in turn pays its merchants.

9. MyBigOrder

my big order online shopping kenya

MyBigOrder is one of the latest online selling platforms in Kenya and focuses on local products and sellers. It aims to promote small businesses and vendors. Anyone can list as a seller on the platform.

The platform also facilitates delivery. When someone makes an order for a product, the platform chooses the closest shop or seller to the buyer, then it links to the closest delivery service provider registered in the platform who picks and delivers the product.

In the delivery logistics chain, there is the seller, the delivery service provider, mybigorder, and the buyer.

10. Autochek Africa

online car selling platforms in kenya

Autochek Africa was formerly known as Cheki. It is an online car selling and buying platform operating in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast. The brand is associated with Brighter Monday.

11. Mkulima Young

online farmers selling platform kenya

Mkulima Young is an online selling platform in Kenya dedicated to farm products and inputs. It says on its website: “Mkulima Young is an online marketplace for farmers developed by a Farmer for farmers. Mkulima Young is led by a team of digital entrepreneurship experts that understands the context to build the largest online farmers market place in Africa.”

12. Kenya Auto Bazaar

online car selling platform

Kenya Auto Bazaar is another use car selling platform that is open to everyone. You can list and sell your car but at a small fee.

The Kenya Auto Bazaar also holds car selling clinics along Ngong’ Road, every weekend. If you want to buy or sell a car, you can organize with them to avail it at the sales yard.

13. KenyaPlex

education online selling platforms

KenyaPlex is one of the few online selling platforms in Kenya that caters specifically to education. You can register on the platform and sell notes for various subjects from primary school to university.

You can also sell examinations and sample exam papers, register as a subject specialist tutor, and list your online tuition services and videos.

Parting shot

There is still space for more online selling platforms that allow third party users to list their goods and services. A majority of online shopping platforms represent specific brands and do not allow third party listings. Such include Masoko, Avechi, Phone Place Kenya, among others.