Why KBL wants you to have a beer during lunch time

Why KBL wants you to have a beer during lunch time

September 5, 2022 Off By TLK

KBL wants you to down your sumptuous lunch with a mug of beer and not feel bad about it. You also don’t have to wait for 5pm to drown yourself in cans of drink.

According to KBL Emerging Beers marketing manager, a casual light beer at lunch time is all you need to take some work stress off your mind.

People in countries such as France, Italy, Sweden, and other European nations have wine as a common accompaniment during meals. In fact in places like Sweden and Germany, a beer during lunch is as normal as it comes.

Instead of juices, soda, tea, coffee, smoothies, that most Kenyans tend to take, there are now light beers that may be good company. KBL launched in march a variant of White Cap Crisp beer with 3 percent alcohol content. It also has a 330ml canned beer according to the Business Daily.

“We want to break that belief that beer has to be drunk after hours, in a dark place or a dark corner in a bar,” Ms Ndungu avers. “Beer can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, be it over a meal especially, during business meetings, or even after a workout.”

So if the rest of the world is doing it, why not us?

“What happens is that when you drink light beer you can moderate yourself. It is not like the heavy beers that can make you lose focus and not operate, say, machinery. Nevertheless, we advise our customers to drink responsibly,” she adds.

According to KBL, the demand for light beer is growing as people pay more attention to their health. Thus instead of heavy continuous drinking into the night, many people may prefer to have a shot during the day to calm their nerves.

Next time you have a business meeting in your hot office, you may want to keep the coffee away. Or when you are having that delicious meal in a restaurant … have some beer.

Feature photo/ Edward Franklin / Unsplash