Why Nonini is suing Japanese firm and Insta influencer

Why Nonini is suing Japanese firm and Insta influencer

August 25, 2022 Off By TLK

Hiphop artiste and entrepreneur Nonini is suing a Japanese firm and a social media influencer over copyright breach.

The Godfather of Genge and one of the pioneering new age music artistes in Kenya said that Syinix Electronics and Brian Mutinda used his song without permission.

Mutinda used We Kamu as background music in a video advertising a flat screen TV manufactured by Syinix.

The song was an anthem at social gathering and clubs when Nonini was at the top of his game.

Copyright breach claims

Nonini said he filed the copyright suit at the Milimani Law Courts last week Thursday under case number E4007 of 2022. He posted on his Instagram stories about the case.

The musician filed the case after Syinix rejected claims in his demand letter sent in July.

“On April 30, 2022 your social media influencer by the name Brian Mutinda created a short video meant to market the products of Syinix Electronics which he posted on his Instagram page. The same short video was also posted on your verified Facebook page. Our client’s song titled ‘We Kamu’ was synchronised with the visuals without a synchronisation licence contrary to copyright laws,” read part of the letter from Nonini’s lawyers.

The electronics firm denied creating a video infringing on the rights of the artist, but also offered to pursue a synchronization licence.

“Our client (Syinix) denies creating any video in infringement of your client’s copyright. That if at all our client posted any purportedly infringing video on its social media page then do note that at all material times it was not aware and had no reasonable grounds for suspecting subsistence of copyright to the said video,” the firm’s lawyers said as reported by The Nation.

Copyright in the age of social media has become a hot topic. Corporates and politicians are accused of (mis)using copyrighted material and memes for their own benefit without any compensation to the owners.